The project in this website are part of UNITESERVE an organization to tackle fundamental problems. The author of this website is Suresh Maran. Please click here to know about the author.

This website is dedicated to research related to unifying quantum mechanics and general relativity. String theory and loop quantum gravity are the two most famous approaches. But both have no experimental verification, and both don't have clear theoretical foundations. Yet numerous researchers spend their life on them.
One of the weakness in these two theories and other theories is the lack of proper conceptual foundations. The slides on the home page illustrate some of the conceptual spotlights in general relativity, quantum mechanics, and in unification of these two. The purpose of this website is to organize these research. This process is still at infancy.

At this moment this website displays information on the 'quantum framework project', initiated by Suresh Maran, an attempt to create a unified conceptual framework for the two theories. The approach of this project is to build a comprehensive foundation for quantum gravity first. Eventually other related research projects will be included. At present this project is in infancy and it requires collaboration from researchers with wide variety of expertise for it to make it work. We invite researchers with required expertise to participate in this research. We can be contacted at the contact page.

This website is under construction and more information about each slide will be posted soon. For updates regarding this website connect with us through the twitter and facebook sites.