Quantum Gravity Framework 2.0

Evolution of the Universe

To overcome the theoretical deficiencies in Quantum Gravity Framework 1.0 , Quantum Gravity Version 2.0 has been published. It is titled as Quantum Gravity Framework 2.0 : Dynamical Framework of Principles for Quantization of General Relativity. It can be accessed here at research gate, or as arxiv preprint . The 2.0 version is technically more concrete, and but conceptually slightly different than the former. In the first version, the quantum state of system is defined on the configuration space. Time is defined as extra parameter associated with the state. Time evolution happens as the state quantum amplitude simultaneously changes at each point of the configuration space. But in version 2.0 time is considered as an internal coordinate. The evolution happens on a one parameter sequence of cross-sections of the configuration space, similar to conventional relativistic quantum mechanics. This is conceptually different from version 1.0. It is not clear which is the right way to go. Comments are welcome regarding this.

A proposal to enforce continuum limit on the wave function has been included as one of the basic foundation. Some applications of the theory have been worked out. It is heuristic as of now but needs to be refined. Some experimental ways to test the theory has been suggested. The framework needs to be developed further so that it becomes more natural and internally consistent with details of physics. Further research and revisions are required.