Quantum Gravity Framework 4: Fully Path Integral Framework, Structure Formation and Consciousness in the Universe.

In this paper I did two major update of quantum gravity framework project. First, I update the proposals to make them path integral form, so that entire formalism is covariant consistent with general relativity. Second, I include conscious and structure formation in the universe.

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In the previous versions of the framework the quantum reduction was in Hamiltonian form. Here I do the Lagrangian generalization of the Lindblad decoherent evolution. This is straightforward in simple systems. Applying this to general relativity is challenging. But I have a proposal of how to apply this to general relativity. I have discussed the application of the path integral form of decoherence to cosmology. I introduce a decoherence function. I briefly discuss the application to various simple cases, and resolution of singularities.

We have discussing only the universe without relevance to conscious observer. But including conscious observer is important for many different reasons:
1.Quantum mechanics needs the observer in the quantum measurement process.
2.Many things about the universe such as the value of physical constants can be explained easily by presence of observers such as in anthropomorphic principle.
3.Matter naturally evolves into living thing and conscious arises as inherent property of matter in the universe.
So, discussing the universe without discussing life and consciousness is incomplete. In this section I explore rise of structures in the universe, and consciousness. To understand the rise of structures and consciousness, I built on insights from my book. To understand grand unification of the human knowledge based in this paper I refer to a different paper of mine. GUK.

In this paper I start extending quantum gravity framework project to include consciousness and structure formation in the universe. In fact, these two may be related. Conscious aspects of the universe possibly playing bigger role in the universe. I build on philosophical insights from my book. I discuss how global quantum reduction and rest-frame foliation is related to consciousness.

When the universe rises during big-bang expansion, initially it was mostly structureless. But eventually structures rises out of the universe at various scales: galaxies, stars, planets, matter, etc. Now matter which initially was inorganic, evolves into organic and eventually into living biological entities that consciously observes the Universe. To develop proper unification of concepts in fundamental physics we need sufficient conceptual foundation that describes the universe fully at conceptual level. This will also address structure formation in the universe and consciousness.

There are some important changes in this update, I do not assume space or time is discretized. If I use discrete model in this paper, it is only for explanatory purpose. Further research needs to be done regarding this. The framework presented is not-yet ready for application, because it is not yet complete. The ideas are brief and quite heuristic in this paper. The purpose of this paper is to establish an initial conceptual framework for quantum gravity. Further research needs to be done to complete the framework. This research will be further updated. Please follow the updates online in the sources mentioned above.