Developing Planck scale physics requires addressing problems of time, quantum reduction, determinism and continuum limit. On the already known foundations of quantum mechanics, a conceptual framework needs to be built. The quantum gravity framework project aims to accomplish this. The latest proposals are given in the paper Quantum Gravity Framework 2.0 and its previous version Quantum Gravity Framework 1.0 .

The list of heuristic proposals that form the quantum gravity framework, as presented in version 2.0, as a starting point, is as follows :

  1. Quantum Self- Evolution: - Flow of time in the phase space in a single point system, which is different in the versions 2.0 and 1.0.
  2. Local Quantum Reduction: This can be done in a natural way by local reduction through quantum diffusion theory,
  3. Quantum Evolution of a multipoint discrete manifold: This can be done by evolving the systems through a foliation chosen dynamically, and
  4. Continuum limit and determinism: They can be enforced by adding terms and averaging to the field action.

These proposals are offered as a starting point. The proposals can be applied to the various physical scenarios such as: 1) Minisuperspace reduced cosmology of Isotropic and homogenous universe with scalar field, 2) Expanding universe with perturbation, and 3) Newtonian Universe. Ways to experimentally test the theory need to be discussed. The version 2.0 contains some ideas regarding this. Since this project is just a starting point extensive further research is required. Further research in this direction will be posted in the website soon.