The Quantum Gravity Framework Project

One of the important quests in physics is to combine the two greatest theories in physics: Quantum theory and General Relativity. But this has been eluding physicists quite a while. For a scientist, gut level motivation comes from the beauty of mathematics, concepts, etc., and the unquenchable thirst to get to the depths, details and consequences. Knowledge brings answers, but also more questions. Most science graduate students revile in the beauty of the Newton’s laws, particles, Schrödinger equation, the universe, etc. But, this knowledge just didn't bring new questions, it actually destroyed the very concrete foundations of the universe: Putting together all the two fundamental laws, general relativity and quantum theory, leads to only one thing, space, time and matter that is so concrete, vanishes among the infinite sum of quantum superposition. The problem is not in the equations and the numbers, but in the concepts.

The existing popular proposals for quantizing gravity, such as the string theory, loop quantum gravity, and other approaches, all lack the proper conceptual framework. For example, quantum measurement problem is a serious issue in quantum mechanics. The quantum measurement problem involves interaction between macroscopic world and the laws of atomic world. Similarly the problem of quantizing gravity relies on putting together the laws that govern the cosmos (general relativity) and the laws of atomic world. So is highly unlikely that one will make progress in the measurement problem without tackling the problem of quantizing gravity. There are many other conceptual issues which have to be addressed. So the best course of investigation to further our scientific understanding of Planck scale physics is to first address the conceptual issues in unifying quantum mechanics and general relativity. One can come up with some simple initial framework for the unification and systematically build on it. Such a framework is given in the recent paper titled “A framework of principles for Planck scale physics with Time and Reduction “ presented as Quantum Gravity Framework 1.0 and it further refinement Quantum Gravity Framework 2.0 . Research to further development of the ideas will be referred to as the Quantum Gravity Framework Project .

The goal of quantum gravity framework project is to outline a framework of proposals for Planck scale physics such that it 1) completes conceptual gaps in quantum mechanics and general relativity, 2) unifies the concepts 3) is simple and intuitive, 4) has proper physical motivation, 5) is based on simple scientifically established notions and concepts, and 6) makes minimal assumptions.

Please click on the links below to understand the issues that quantum gravity framework project tries to resolve and the proposals that have been made in the related research work.